About Us

Hi! My name is Kevin and my wonderful wife is Cindi. I am a working professional with a Fortune 100 company with a very hectic career. I travel internationally with my job 80+% of the time. My wife CIndi also works full time. So, if you are a busy person with limited time, you can grow and preserve your own food too.

We do not have a lot of room. Less than three acres total but there are three homes. several buildings, and more shade than sunshine on the property where my wife and I, our kids, and our grandkids live. Two of the homes have my son and daughter and grandkids. Our location is less than ideal but we have learned to be successful with our limited time and less than ideal conditions and so can you.

When we started working toward our goal of becoming more self sufficient and developing our own food growing and food storage plans, I immediately turned to a variety of sources to learn. What I found out was it wasn’t that easy.

Simple basic instructions were hard to find or they were written for someone who already knew way more than I did. The authors must have assumed that I knew way more than I did. Either it was so general that it didn't really tell me anything, left out about half of the details, or was written for someone much farther along their journey than I was. Then, for every source that explains the best way to do something, the next source will tell you it won't work.

After buying every last book I could find at Amazon, yard sales, and the freebies from the extension office and the Internet, countless hours of research, and asking and working with people I knew who knew more than me, I began to try to sort through it all and make some sense of it.

Then, with a long list of trial and errors, successes and failures, and more time than I care to think about, I began to have a decent garden yield and began to see my pantry grow. The sight of a fully stocked pantry with clean, healthy, fresh canned food is a rewarding and secure feeling.

Whatever your situation, whatever your schedule, whatever amount of space you have, large or small, you can grow and preserve your own food. We have options here for you regardless of your situation or level of experience. I am looking forward to making our gardens grow together.

Our gardening and food preserving and this website has become a sort of family hobby. My grandkids love to help in the garden. It gives us all a way to spend quality time together doing something besides the Playstation, X Box or fast food. And, the dinner table has improved with fresh healthy food either from the garden or our overflowing pantry.

I am sure that this web site can help you reduce the time and struggles that we experienced and help you to quickly and easily start to grow your own garden and begin preserving your own food. This site is new and we will be constantly adding information to help you along. Please check back to see the new things we will be adding.

In closing, the one key thing I found was that no one has all the answers. Gardening and canning will be simple for you. But there is always a new method, a family secret, or a nifty time saver that we can all learn from each other. I encourage you to join my EZine on the sidebar above. We will be sending updates frequently on new topics. We will also welcome tips, ideas, and questions that we can all learn from together.

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