Simple Instructions on Backyard Gardening and Home Canning

Backyard gardening and home canning does not have to be complicated or time consuming. A simple approach is always the best approach.

Not so long ago I had a dream of growing and preserving my own food through backyard gardening. Regardless if you are here because you are pursuing a goal of self sufficient living, are tired of rising grocery prices, want to enjoy fresh healthy food, are worried about the economy or your income, or maybe just looking for a hobby to get off of the couch, you are at the right place.

Together, we will cover a wide range of topics covering

Backyard Gardening including

Garden Planning, Layout, and Prep

Gardening Basics, Tips, and Techniques

What to Plant and How Much

Saving and starting seeds

Small Space Gardening

Composting and Vermiculture

Raising Your Own Fruit

Home Canning and Preserving including

alt text Water Bath Canning

Pressure Canning




Food Storage

Backyard Vegetable Gardening, Planning, Prep, Planting and Picking
Backyard vegetable gardening tips and techniques. Simple instructions describing all areas of backyard gardening for your specific need
Planning a Garden
Planning a Garden
Easy home canning instructions, how to’s, and equipment descriptions
Easy to follow home canning instructions Includes safety precautions, required canning supplies, and all types of simple techniques for preserving food.
Pressure Canning Instructions and Safety Tips
Pressure canning instructions for home canning meats, vegetables, fish, and shellfish. Detailed Instructions on proper pressure canning techniques and safety tips
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Water Bath Canning
Simple instructions on water bath canning
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